Petition to Parliament: Reforming ULEZ Emissions Reduction Criteria to Include Performance Emissions Solutions

To the Members of Parliament,

We, the undersigned, hereby submit this petition to urge the government to reconsider and reform the current criteria for accepting emissions reductions within Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ). Specifically, we advocate for the inclusion of performance emissions solutions, such as fuel conditioners, to enable vehicles utilizing these technologies to exceed the ULEZ entry requirements.
The ULEZ framework is a crucial step toward mitigating air pollution and addressing the environmental impact of vehicular emissions. However, we believe that current policies may not be fully inclusive of innovative solutions that can significantly contribute to emissions reduction.
We propose a reform in the acceptance criteria for emissions reductions within ULEZ by acknowledging and endorsing the use of performance emissions solutions, particularly fuel conditioners. These additives have demonstrated the ability to enhance fuel combustion efficiency, leading to lower emissions and a more environmentally friendly vehicle performance.

Key Points:

Performance Emissions Solutions are Proven: Numerous studies and real-world applications have demonstrated the effectiveness of performance emissions solutions in reducing harmful pollutants emitted by vehicles. These technologies enhance combustion efficiency, resulting in lower emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and other pollutants.

Technological Advancements: The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and innovative solutions like fuel conditioners have shown promise in enhancing the environmental performance of vehicles. Recognizing and integrating such advancements into ULEZ policies would encourage further innovation in emissions reduction technologies.

Incentive for Adoption: By accepting performance emissions solutions, the government can incentivize the adoption of cleaner technologies among vehicle ownacers. This not only supports the government’s environmental goals but also promotes a more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation sector.

Economic Benefits: The adoption of performance emissions solutions can lead to economic benefits by fostering the growth of a new industry. This can create jobs, stimulate research and development, and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient economy.
We, the undersigned, call on Parliament to review and modify the ULEZ emissions reduction criteria to include performance emissions solutions, specifically fuel conditioners. This reform will not only acknowledge the advancements in emissions reduction technologies but also encourage a more comprehensive and inclusive approach toward achieving cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Please consider this petition as a collective voice of citizens who are committed to a greener and more sustainable future.



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