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Power Boost Fuel Pro Pill (diesel and petrol) 50-70 Litre refuels

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  • van Emissions
  • bmw
  • classic cars
  • Powerboost Pro Pill_Performance Emissions_Post_6


Our advanced fuel conditioner is engineered to deliver unmatched results. By optimising your engine's combustion process, PowerBoost Fuel Pro revolutionises your driving experience in three key ways: improved MPG, reduced emissions, and enhanced performance.   read more





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Introducing PowerBoost Fuel Pro: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Car

Are you looking to maximize your car performance, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce harmful emissions?

Our advanced fuel conditioner is engineered to deliver unmatched results. By optimising your engine’s combustion process, PowerBoost Fuel Pro revolutionises your driving experience in three key ways: improved MPG, reduced emissions, and enhanced performance.

First and foremost, PowerBoost Fuel Pro is designed to significantly boost your fuel efficiency. By optimising the combustion process, our formula ensures that every drop of fuel is utilised effectively, allowing you to go further with each tank. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the pump and experience substantial savings on fuel costs.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our formula’s cutting-edge technology reduces harmful emissions emitted by your car. PowerBoost Fuel Pro actively works to minimize carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and other pollutants, contributing to a cleaner environment. You can drive with confidence, knowing that you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition to improved efficiency and reduced emissions, PowerBoost Fuel Pro enhances your cars performance. Our premium blend of additives cleans and lubricates vital engine components, optimizing their operation. Experience smoother acceleration, increased horsepower, and improved throttle response. Whether you’re merging onto the highway or tackling challenging terrains, PowerBoost Fuel Pro ensures that your car is operating at its peak potential.

PowerBoost Fuel Pro is easy to use

Simply add it to your fuel tank during every fill-up, and let our formula work its magic. Compatible with petrol and diesel engines, it’s suitable for a wide range of cars, from lawnmowers to tanks and everything in between.

Don’t settle for mediocre performance and wasted fuel. Upgrade your driving experience with PowerBoost Fuel Pro and unleash the true power of your car while reducing your environmental impact. Join the ranks of satisfied drivers who have already discovered the transformative benefits of PowerBoost Fuel Pro.

Try PowerBoost Fuel Pro today and experience the difference for yourself. Your car and the planet will thank you. Together, let’s drive towards a greener, more efficient future.

Each Powerboost Pill  tablet is designed to treat up to 50 litres of fuel, be it gasoline or diesel, breaking conveniently in the middle for easy use. Each package contains 10 of these revolutionary tablets.

The Powerboost Pill stands out as a groundbreaking product with myriad benefits for both diesel and gasoline engines. Distinctively refined, this pure petroleum product boasts exceptional quality, featuring long hydrocarbon chains within its molecular structure. Produced under high vacuum conditions and subject to refining at temperatures beyond conventional practices employed by competitors, Powerboost Pill is not merely an additive but a fuel improver and cleaner.

Composed of a hydrocarbon blend, these tablets dissolve completely in fuel, fostering cleaner combustion engines that are more efficient and longer-lasting. The advantages of Powerboost Pill are extensive:

  1. Significant Fuel Consumption Reduction: Up to 30% in older engines and 10-20% in more modern ones.
  2. Fuel Supply System Cleaning: Addresses pumps and injectors.
  3. Engine Deposit Removal: Clears deposits on valves and pistons.
  4. EGR and DPF Microparticle Filter Cleaning: Eliminates the need for regeneration after continuous use.
  5. Lubrication for Moving Parts: Ensures lubrication for all moving parts in the fuel supply system without drying out the engine.
  6. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Up to 50% reduction by keeping spare parts clean and minimizing damage to expensive mechanical components.
  7. Emission Reduction: Up to 100% reduction in exhaust emissions, including soot, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.
  8. Increased Torque and Horsepower: Especially beneficial for cars with high compressions and pressures with turbo.
  9. Improved Combustion: Enhances the efficiency and completeness of the combustion process.
  10. Water Emulsifier: Contains a water emulsifier to remove water from the tank, preventing microorganisms and slime that could clog injectors.

CAUTION: Powerboost Pill does not contain lead or tulle, which can wear out injectors and dry the engine, unlike several other products on the market.



1 . It SIGNIFICANTLY increases the POWER and TORQUE of the engine, improving the combustion of the mixture (oil-air) which now becomes more efficient and complete.

2. Reduces CONSUMPTION (up to 30% in older engines and from 10-20% in more modern ones).

3. Raises the CETANE number for even greater performance.

4. Cleans the fuel supply system (pumps, injectors).

5. Cleans the EGR and the DPF microparticle filter which with the constant use of PowerBoost Fuel Pro Liquid does not need to enter a regen process after countless tests !!

6. Cleans the engine of valve and piston deposits.

7. Provides lubrication for all moving parts of the fuel supply.

8. Reduces maintenance costs as it keeps spare parts that need frequent replacement clean.

9. Significantly reduces exhaust emissions (up to 100% in older engines with many miles) due to optimal combustion! Reduces soot or turbidity in diesel engines and nitrogen and carbon monoxide. Due to the reduction of consumption, the carbon dioxide is also reduced, which is the main gas for the greenhouse effect. The use of Performance Emissions products helps reduce all harmful substances to humans and the environment. In fact, after repeated tests, cars with many miles that were impossible to pass MOT testing after using PowerBoost Fuel Pro Liquid, passed normally!

10. In addition to cleaners it contains water emulsifier. This helps to remove water from the tank, which creates microorganisms and slime which clog the injectors and make combustion difficult!

THE ABSOLUTE FORMULA FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES: Powerboost Pill, with its unique nanotechnology, combines all these benefits in a single formula, making it a standout choice in the global market. Compare this to competing products where one would need to purchase multiple items for individual targets, incurring higher costs for less comprehensive performance. Consider upgrading to Powerboost Fuel Pro for an even more potent solution.


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  • John Smith

    Vehicle: 2012 Ford Focus Diesel (12 years old)
    Problem: Poor fuel efficiency.
    The Power Boost Fuel Pro Pill improved my Focus’s MPG significantly. I’m saving on fuel costs each month.

  • Hannah King

    Toyota Avensis Petrol (2007)
    Had failing emissions but Not anymore! Saved me a fortune getting through that nightmare of an MOT. My Avensis sailed through its MOT after using the pill. I used 3 doses before taking it in. Engine runs cleaner and more efficiently. Fantastic!

  • Sophie Green

    Vauxhall Astra Petrol (2010)
    My Astra passed the MOT with flying colors after using the pill. Zero emissions! It used to be a nightmare with emission tests. So impressed!

  • Rebecca Harris

    BMW 3 Series Petrol (2008)
    No more smoke, no more worries. My BMW runs cleaner and smoother after using the pill. Passed the MOT emissions test with flying colors.

  • Luke Thompson

    Ford Focus Diesel (2012)
    After using the pill, my Focus engine purrs like a kitten. Mileage has jumped from 40 to 45 MPG. It’s like driving a brand new car.

  • Deri Ap Hywel

    Jeff gave me a sample pack three weeks ago and it has made an immediate difference to both my petrol Volvo and my diesel VW Transporter van. You can feel a slight increase in power and see a big improvement in terms of fuel efficiency. An amazing little lozenge that is so easy to use. Highly recommend!

  • Daniel Walker

    Volkswagen Golf Diesel (2015)
    Hills are no longer a challenge. The Golf feels more powerful and responsive. No more hesitation. Absolutely thrilled with the upgrade

  • Mark Williams

    This is Welsh fairy dust for sure completely transformed our vans better mpg power delivery is crazy even when towing heavy trailers and equipment the product pays for itself. subscription please

  • Emma Davies

    Renault Clio Petrol (2006)
    The rough idle was driving me crazy, but not anymore. My Clio runs like silk now. Performance has improved, and I’m loving it!

  • Ella Parker

    Honda Civic Petrol (2009)
    My Civic runs like a dream now. No more annoying engine knocking noises. I’m also seeing better fuel economy. Highly recommend this product.

  • Harry Harris

    Wow this is a amazing product used in my A5 cab it’s like rocket fuel mid range power is incredible mpg much better £3.00 a tablet is for nothing please don’t change the pricing 🤣

  • Blaize

    Engine is quieter, have achieved 760 miles from my tank when I usually get 650ish. More power on acceleration. Mot due this month so will check emissions and report back. Drive BMW 5 series 2.0D

  • Connor Evans

    Mercedes-Benz C-Class Diesel (2014)
    The increase in torque is noticeable. My C-Class feels more powerful, especially on acceleration. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

  • Oliver Turner

    The rough idle is gone! My Audi feels smoother and more reliable now. It’s like it got a new lease on life. Very impressed. Audi A4 Diesel (2011)

  • Nathan Carter

    Nissan Qashqai Diesel (2013)
    The pill has turned my Qashqai into a fuel-saving machine. I’m getting 35 MPG now! The engine feels smoother, and acceleration is more responsive.